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Metals and Mining Industry Leaders

Without minerals and metals, the modern world would come to a standstill. Doe Run’s minerals and recycled lead are at the core of the world’s infrastructure, transportation and energy storage.

The long-term viability of our industries is critical to our communities, vendors and customers. We collaborate with other battery recycling and mining industry leaders to plan for the future of our products. Doe Run’s own mining industry leaders share their expertise through presentations and publications. View recent presentations and publications.

Essential Energy Everyday

Essential Energy Everyday, a joint initiative of Battery Council International (BCI) and the International Lead Association, increases awareness about the important role lead batteries play in our world. As a member of both organizations, Doe Run promotes public education about the importance of lead in powering our daily lives, new innovations for meeting future demand, and the environmental success of battery recycling. Battery recycling separates the lead, plastics and other materials within lead batteries, then repurposes those back into use as new batteries or other products. Battery recycling keeps 2.4 million tons of waste out of landfills. Visit to learn more.



Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)

The ALABC is a collaboration of lead producers, battery manufacturers, battery recycling companies, equipment suppliers and research institutions. The international research organization improves lead battery technology for a variety of energy storage applications. Doe Run is a founding member and Tammy Stankey, Doe Run senior communications liaison, serves on the Executive Committee.

Association of Battery Recyclers (ABR)

For over 40 years, protecting people and the planet have been the driving principles behind the ABR and its dedicated members. The association represents companies, like Doe Run, involved in lead battery recycling. Mark Yingling, vice president – environmental, health and safety, serves on the ABR board.

Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM)

AIM is the oldest general business trade association in Missouri. They provide legislative advocacy, seminars and networking events that encourage a pro-business environment. Mark Yingling, vice president – environmental, health and safety, serves on the AIM board.

Battery Council International (BCI)

BCI unites representatives from businesses involved in the lead battery lifecycle, including battery manufacturers, battery recyclers, marketers and retailers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, and industry consultants. Doe Run President and CEO Jerry Pyatt serves on the Board.

International Lead Association (ILA)

ILA is dedicated to serving lead producers and other companies related to lead and its use. ILA provides a range of services to support the safe production, use and recycling of lead. Doe Run is one of 40 member companies involved in the mining, smelting, refining and recycling of lead. Mark Coomes, vice president – human resources and community relations, serves on the ILA Board.

International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG)

ILZSG was formed by the United Nations to provide information on the supply, demand and international trade of lead and zinc. Doe Run’s zinc mining industry leaders often attend and present on industry trends at the annual conference as representatives of the United States International Trade Commission.

International Zinc Association (IZA)

IZA is the only global industry association dedicated exclusively to the interests of zinc and its users, helping to sustain the long-term global demand for zinc. Jose Hansen, Doe Run vice president – sales and marketing, serves as treasurer for the IZA Board.

Mineral Education Coalition (MEC)

MEC educates teachers and students about mineral and energy resources, the important role they play and how the industry sustains environmentally and socially responsible production.

Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T)

Many Doe Run employees serve as mining industry leaders for the university. CEO Jerry Pyatt is a member of the Mining and Explosives Engineering Department advisory board, and Tom Schott, senior exploration geologist, is a member of the Geological Engineering Department Advisory Board. Genevieve Sutton, environmental, health and safety technical supervisor, was inducted into the 114-member Mines and Metallurgy Academy that serves as an advisory board to Missouri S&T departments that make up the historic School of Mines and Metallurgy. Ross Conner, vice president exploration, research and technical development, serves on the Corporate Advisory Board for the university. Several Doe Run employees manage Doe Run’s ongoing partnership with Missouri S&T to give funding and resources that support students pursuing degrees in mining and STEM fields.

National Mining Association (NMA)

NMA is the only national trade organization that represents the interests of the mining industry to the White House, the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, the judiciary and the media. NMA has repeatedly recognized Doe Run for outstanding achievements in mine safety, awarding the company the prestigious Sentinels of Safety award 28 times since 1971.

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