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Mineral Exploration and Research

Mineral exploration is critical to meet growing demands for metallic minerals that power cars and cell phone towers, provide emergency back-up power, and store energy for solar and wind farms.

Our team in the Exploration, Research and Technical Development division includes geologists, metallurgists, mineral process specialists, mine engineers and business management professionals who collaborate to find, evaluate and acquire ore deposits. Our approach is collaborative and science based. We apply industry best practices and new technologies to conduct mineral exploration in Missouri’s Viburnum Trend.

Doe Run also invests millions of dollars globally through subsidiary companies for mineral exploration at sites across the globe.

If you have a project or mineral property that you feel may be of interest to Doe Run, please contact us at exploration@doerun.com.

Research and Technical Development

Doe Run has a history of innovation and global mining development since the founding of our predecessor, St. Joseph Lead Company. Today, our research department is working on novel extraction technologies. These advancements range from minerals recovery from historical mine waste; to special leaching processes that could bring new value to under-performing mineral resources; and commercialization of a proprietary hydrometallurgical primary electrowinning process. Read More About Our Research and Innovations.

Exploration and Land Management

Managing the land is an important step in our exploration process. Restored exploration sites are re-seeded to grow native plants and attract turkey, deer and other wildlife. We're also responsible for managing thousands of acres of land above our mining operations.

Emma Rosenthal

“At Doe Run, I was offered a versatile position that would allow me to gain new skills. I’ve already learned so much and know this job will continue to be a learning opportunity.”

Emma Rosenthal

Geoscientist – Exploration

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