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Doe Run Values

Guided by our core values, Doe Run’s goal is simple: Improve the quality of life for people all over the world, through our products and services.

These values drive our approach to continuous improvement for our customers, employees and neighbors. Since 1864, Doe Run’s culture and values have been the foundation of what we do.

Doe Run’s values are:

  • Safety – protecting one another.
  • Integrity – demonstrating transparency and honesty in all we say and do.
  • Collaboration – working together with employees, stakeholders, customers, communities, suppliers, industry, and regulators to realize shared goals.
  • Respect – recognizing that every employee has a voice and opinion that matters; diversity of experience, thought and ideas is encouraged.
  • Stewardship – conserving, managing and making the most of the natural resources in our care.
  • Sustainability – balancing social, environmental and economic considerations with a relentless focus on improving our processes.

Doe Run Values in Action

Doe Run's culture shows up in everything we do: how we operate, how we work together, and how we work with our communities and regulators. That's how we balance the social, economic and environmental responsibilities of a sustainable operation.

Living Our Values through Sustainable Operations

Learn more about Doe Run’s culture and values in action in our annual sustainability report.

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“Doe Run enables you to really dig in to your interest area. They are committed to your professional fulfillment and support you in how you want to mold your career. For me personally, it’s about bettering the environment for my community. I know I’m making an impact in the quality of life for myself, my family and my friends.”

Samantha Anderson

Environmental Compliance Manager

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