GRI Index

This report contains Standard Disclosures from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. A list of the reported Standard Disclosures is listed below. All information is fully disclosed, unless otherwise indicated.

Strategy and Analysis

102-14 (G4-1)

Statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organization

Organizational Profile

102-1 (G4-3)

Name of the organization

The Doe Run Resources Corporation/DBA The Doe Run Company

102-2 (G4-4)

Primary brands, products, and services

102-3 (G4-5)

Location of the organization’s headquarters

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

102-4 (G4-6)

Countries where the organization operates

United States

102-5 (G4-7)

Nature of ownership and legal form

The Doe Run Resources Corporation is a corporation, which is an indirect subsidiary of The Renco Group, Inc.

102-6 (G4-8)

Markets served

Primary customers served include battery manufacturers in the U.S.; concentrates are sold globally.
What We Do

102-7 (G4-9)

Scale of the reporting organization

What We Do
Financial Highlights
As a private company, net sales, net revenue and total capitalization is proprietary information and viewed as business confidential.

102-8 (G4-10)

Total workforce by employment type, employment contract, and region, broken down by gender

102-41 (G4-11)

Percentage of total employees covered by collective bargaining agreements

Only 0.16% of employees are covered under collective bargaining agreements.

102-9 (G4-12)

Organization’s supply chain

Doe Run partners with its local vendors to create a more sustainable supply chain and support local economic vitality where possible. Its supplier practices guided more than $169 million in spending to Missouri-based suppliers in 2019, representing 45% of Doe Run’s overall supplier spending.

102-10 (G4-13)

Significant changes during the reporting period

102-12 (G4-15)

Externally developed economic, environmental and social charters, principles, or other initiatives to which the organization subscribes or which it endorses

The Doe Run Company, through its membership with the International Lead Association, subscribes to the principles of the shared Lead Action 21 Program. We aim for the safe production and use of lead now and in the future while safeguarding human health and limiting operational impact on the natural environment. In addition, many of Doe Run’s operations have achieved and maintain ISO certifications to minimize our environmental impact.

102-13 (G4-16)

Memberships of associations or organizations

The Doe Run Company participates on the boards and/or committee activities for a variety of industry organizations, including:
International Lead Association
Battery Council International
Consortium of Battery Innovation
Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration

Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries

102-45 (G4-17)

Entities included in the organization’s consolidated financial statements or equivalent documents

All Doe Run entities have been reported.
What We Do

102-46 (G4-18)

Process for defining report content

102-47 (G4-19)

Material aspects identified for defining report content

103-1 (G4-20)

Aspect boundaries inside the organization

All Doe Run entities have been reported. All sizeable economic, environmental and social impacts are included either in the stories or the data.

103-1 (G4-21)

Aspect boundaries outside the organization

102-48 (G4-22)

Restatements of information provided in previous reports, and the reasons for such

102-49 (G4-23)

Report significant changes from previous reporting periods in the Scope and Aspect Boundaries


Stakeholder Engagement

102-40 (G4-24)

List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization

102-42 (G4-25)

Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage

102-43 (G4-26)

Approach to stakeholder engagement

102-44 (G4-27)

Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement

Report Profile

102-50 (G4-28)

Reporting period

2019 Calendar (Fiscal year reporting is noted where appropriate.)

102-51 (G4-29)

Date of most recent previous report

Published in August 2019

102-52 (G4-30)

Reporting cycle


102-53 (G4-31)

Contact point

102-54 102-55 (G4-32)

In Accordance with Guidelines and GRI Content Index

This report contains Standard Disclosures from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The GRI content index is outlined on this page.


102-18 (G4-34)

Governance structure of the organization

102-19 (G4-35)

Process for delegating authority to address economic, environmental and social topics

102-20 (G4-36)

Position responsible for economic, environmental and social topics

102-22 (G4-38)

Composition of the company’s highest governing body

Corporate Governance (Partially Disclosed)

102-23 (G4-39)

Indicate whether the Chair of the highest governance body is also an executive officer


102-26 (G4-42)

Report the highest governance body’s and executives’ roles in developing, approving and updating the organization’s purpose, mission, strategies, policies and goals related to sustainability

102-32 (G4-48)

Highest position that formally reviews and approves the sustainability report

President and CEO

Ethics and Integrity

102-16 (G4-56)

Organization’s values, principles, standards and norms of behavior


201-1 (G4-EC1)

Direct economic value generated and distributed

Financial Highlights (Partially Disclosed)

203-1 (G4-EC7)

Development and impact of infrastructure investments and services supported

204-1 (G4-EC9)

Proportion of spending on local suppliers at significant locations of operation

In 2019, Doe Run supported Missouri businesses by spending more than $169 million with 665 Missouri vendors. This accounts for 45% of total company spending.


301-1 (G4-EN1)

Materials used by weight or volume

301-2 (G4-EN2)

Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials

302-1 (G4-EN3)

Energy consumption within the organization

302-3 (G4-EN5)

Energy intensity

305-1 (G4-EN15)

Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1)

305-2 (G4-EN16)

Energy indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 2)

305-3 (G4-EN17)

Other indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 3)

305-4 (G4-EN18)

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity

305-7 (G4-EN21)

NOx, SOx, and other significant air emissions

306-1 (G4-EN22)

Total water discharge by quality and destination

307-1 (G4-EN29)

Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations

Doe Run paid $400,000 to settle allegations of non-compliance of environmental laws and regulations in 2019.

Labor Practices and Decent Work

102-8 (G4-LA1)

Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover by age group, gender and region

Workforce Summary (Partially Disclosed)

403-1 (G4-LA6)

Type and rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and number of work-related fatalities by region and by gender

Health and Safety Performance (Partially Disclosed)

404-1 (G4-LA9)

Average hours of training per year per employee by gender and employee category

Workforce Training (Partially Disclosed)


413-1 (G4-SO1)

Local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs

All operations implement a localized community engagement plan.
Supporting Local Communities

419-1 (G4-SO8)

Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations

In 2019, Doe Run paid approximately $167,672 in fines related to allegations of noncompliance with laws and regulations.

Product Responsibility

419-1 (G4-PR9)

Monetary value of significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services

Doe Run paid no ($0) significant fines for noncompliance concerning provision and use of products and services in 2019.

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