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Responsible Mining and Metal Production

Doe Run has operated for nearly 160 years as a responsible mining and metal production company.

From exploration and development of new mineral resources, to recycling lead batteries and other lead-bearing materials, we are integral to the full lifecycle of lead. Our mining operations make up one of the largest lead mining districts in the world. Located in Southeast Missouri, our mines deliver lead, copper and zinc concentrates across the globe. We provide metal fabrication through our Seafab Metals Company subsidiary in Arizona and Washington. And, we operate one of the world’s largest single-site lead battery recycling plants, also located in Missouri, returning valuable lead metal and alloys to future use in batteries and essential products.

Our goal is to operate as a good neighbor through responsible mining and metal production. Learn More About Who We Are.

Stages of the Lead Lifecycle

A mine exploration team recovers core samples from an exploration site in southern Missouri.

Exploration & Development

Our exploration team discovers, evaluates and acquires base metal resources to ensure the long-term sustainability of our operations.

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Ore containing lead, zinc and copper is run through a ball mill as part of the milling process.

Mining & Milling

Our responsible mining operations take place 1,250 feet underground in Missouri’s Viburnum Trend, home to one the world’s highest-purity lead deposits.

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An employee skims dross off hot, liquid lead as a part of the metal refining process.

Refining & Alloying

We refine and alloy lead metal to meet stringent customer specifications and follow ISO 9001:2008 standards for product quality.

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Employee measures the thickness of lead sheeting to ensure it meets exacting standards.


Doe Run’s subsidiary, Fabricated Products Inc., which does business as Seafab Metals Company, has delivered premium lead products and lead oxide for a variety of industries for 89 years.

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Lead batteries like these start vehicles and store renewable energy.

Lead Recycling

We’re proud stewards of America’s most recycled product – the lead battery. Our Resource Recycling facility processes enough batteries to cover about 68 football fields each year.

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Our Minerals are Used Every Day

Providing Sustainable Energy
  • Lead batteries, like those that power vehicles, are the most recycled consumer product on the planet.
  • Every U.S. mass-produced car and truck in the U.S. (more than 270 million), including electric vehicles, use lead batteries.
Powering Your World
  • Copper wire conducts electricity that powers your home and runs your electronics. Copper makes up more than 12 percent of your cell phone’s weight.
  • Lead batteries store power from electric generation and from alternative energy sources, like solar and wind. Hospitals and cities also rely on these large lead batteries for back-up power in emergency situations.
Protecting Your Health
  • Lead is an essential element in radiation shielding, including large-scale nuclear waste storage containers to small nuclear medicine containers, and is commonplace in X-ray facilities.
  • Adequate levels of zinc reduce childhood illnesses, enhance physical growth and decrease mortality in developing nations.
Building the World’s Infrastructure
  • More than 65 percent of zinc sold galvanizes steel used in construction, automotive and machinery industries.
  • Lead is used in lead rubber bearings to help stabilize buildings and bridges during earthquakes.

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