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If you dig exploring the underground, then we have the geology jobs for you! Doe Run hires geologists, earth scientists and researchers to explore the earth in our vast property holdings.

Emma is a geology data analyst - just one of our geology jobs.

Geology jobs at Doe Run span the spectrum from exploration and development geology to laboratory research and investigation. Help us unlock the mineral secrets of our extensive core library and ongoing mine development.

Our geologists enjoy both technical and hands-on exploration. They’re responsible for finding mineral resources and determining their size and value, monitoring the mining of those identified ores, and assisting in mine planning for ongoing and future mining resources. Our geologists and earth scientists work hand in hand with leadership.

We also rely on our geologists to manage geologic data related to the company’s mineral reserves to ensure data integrity. They are charged with implementing standards and best practices, conducting audits, and being accountable for the accuracy and calculation of the mineral inventory. By continuously improving data quality, we’re able to better serve the business.

Geology jobs at Doe Run offer exciting challenges. It’s unpredictable, rewarding and directly impacts the business.

Our geologists primarily support our Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling Division and our Exploration, Research and Technical Development Department from offices located in Southeast Missouri. Local or nearby Missouri communities include Salem, Viburnum, Steeleville, Cuba, Rolla, Park Hills, Farmington, Caledonia, and Bixby, to name a few. And St. Louis is just two hours away.

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Geology jobs at Doe Run offer exciting challenges. It’s unpredictable, rewarding and directly impacts the business.

How We Work

Our geologists and earth scientists enjoy a variety of work environments. From above-ground exploration sites, to underground mine geology, research labs and meeting rooms, our team works across all areas of the organization and in multiple disciplines. Our teams continuously look for innovative ways to recover more minerals from our mining and milling processes, as well as how to create value from mine waste and reduce waste storage. Because technology is advancing quickly, Doe Run’s geologists evaluate new software, deploy tools that support our business objectives and participate in training to remain ahead of the curve.

If you’re looking to work in a group of high achievers, and willing to take initiative to solve problems and share innovative ideas, then a geology job at Doe Run might be the place for you.

Discover What is Possible with Geology Jobs

We offer earth science and geology jobs for students and professionals at all levels. Available positions might include:

  • Core Logging Summer Internships
  • Geo Data Analysis and Management
  • Resource and Exploration Geologist
  • Research and Scientist Positions

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"Doe Run is a company that understands and values your work – life balance. They are always looking to improve with innovative ideas and unique perspectives while using the latest technology."

Patricia “Suzy” Williams

Geologist II

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