Lead Fabrication

Lead Fabrication at Seafab Metals Company

Lead’s unique protective properties make it ideal for products in construction, nuclear storage, military, medical and energy industries. Seafab Metals Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Doe Run, produces and delivers important lead products and lead oxide for batteries.

Seafab Metals Company’s two plants annually deliver 27,000 tons of lead. Lead fabrication is located in Casa Grande, Arizona, and an oxide plant in Vancouver, Washington.

Seafab Metals is a trusted expert in lead fabrication with a nearly 100-year history of excellence. Seafab Metals delivers a variety of precision lead products, including:

  • Nuclear shielding cask linings for waste containment.
  • Lead shielding used to block sound waves and x-rays.
  • Lead anodes for electrowinning.
  • Specialty extruded shapes.
  • Sheet lead for roofing.
  • Caulking lead.
  • Alloys.
  • Castings.

Seafab Metals is compliant with current requirements of the nuclear regulatory standard, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA-1, the only quality program endorsed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Visit Seafab.com to learn more.

The Vancouver Fabricated Products Inc. plant produces lead oxide for lead batteries and lead billets for ammunition. It uses three ball mills that tumble large chunks of lead to create heat and friction that breaks the chunks into smaller pieces to produce lead oxide. The plant holds ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management systems.

Commitment to Safety

An employee uses an overhead crane to move a large lead metal plate at Seafab Metals’ Casa Grande facility.

Both locations have reached more than 23 years of operation without a lost-time accident.

Perfect Record Award

The Casa Grande facility has received the National Safety Council’s “Perfect Record Award” for no lost-time accidents each year since 2000.

Seafab Metals Company – A Trusted Expert in Lead Fabrication

Visit the Seafab Metals website today to see how we can meet your lead fabrication needs.

Seafab Metals Company

Bennie Bice

“I love working here. At Seafab we all want the same goals: to work in a safe manner, to produce quality products for our customers and to feel empowered to do our jobs well. At the end of the day, I go home feeling happy because I enjoy what I do.”

Bennie Bice

Quality and Environmental Manager

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