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We Like Heavy Metal!

Doe Run’s minerals and metals are critical to a growing global economy. Our metallurgists and mill operators can proudly say their work helps power the world and economy.

Employee oversees the floatation process at his milling job.

Our metallurgists and metals operators ensure our premium lead metal and alloys meet stringent customer requirements. Mill operators turn a natural resource into quality lead, copper and zinc concentrates demanded across the globe. If you want to be a hands-on metals operator or mill operator, we’ve likely got a job that’s right for you!

Doe Run metallurgists play an important role in one of the greatest recycling stories on the planet – lead batteries. Metallurgists and metals operators produce lead metal and alloys from millions of recycled lead batteries each year, putting the important metal back to use in new batteries. Specifically, metallurgists work with metals operators to ensure a quality product, operational excellence and may even work on research projects designed to improve processing efficiencies. As one of the largest lead battery recycling plants (secondary smelter) in the world, our Resource Recycling facility recycles approximately 8 million lead batteries a year in a fast-paced and hands-on work environment. Our efforts help keep enough batteries to cover 68 football fields out of landfills each year.

Our Resource Recycling facility recycles approximately 8 million lead batteries a year. Our efforts help keep enough batteries to cover 68 football fields out of landfills each year.

Mill operators have a variety of responsibilities, from monitoring the feeds and plant efficiencies, to troubleshooting equipment and processes in order to recover the most value from the minerals in our care. Our mills use a flotation process to separate the lead, copper and zinc minerals from the host rock and, ultimately, produce three separate quality products: lead, copper and zinc concentrates. Doe Run hires mill operators, as well as engineers, to staff four processing mills.

Our mills and recycling plant are located in Southeast Missouri. Local or nearby communities include Salem, Viburnum, Steeleville, Cuba, Rolla, Park Hills, Farmington, Caledonia, and Bixby, to name a few. And St. Louis is just two hours away.

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How We Work

Doe Run’s metallurgist and mill jobs require determination and curiosity. Those traits, combined with the hands-on experience you’ll get here, will advance you technically. The key to success is to show the desire to troubleshoot and solve problems and take the initiative to make things better.

There’s no problem too tough, too technical or too dirty for metallurgists and mill operators. Our strengths are teamwork, and the ability to think outside-the-box and drive to be more. That’s why we’re given the support to develop professionally and get plenty of opportunity to be leaders.

Initiative to make things better also drives a commitment to safety, health and environmental compliance as part of our culture. It’s that important! We track safety and employee hygiene and health achievements on a monthly basis and share it annually in our sustainability report. Our operations also have been recognized for their safety record.

We are also committed to ongoing performance improvements.

Discover What is Possible in a Metallurgy and Milling Job

There are many different opportunities for metals operators and mill operators from entry level through senior management. Want a job working hands-on with a variety of equipment? We may have the right fit for you. Check out these jobs that are necessary to keep our operations running smoothly in our metallurgy and mill areas:

  • Operator
  • Metallurgist
  • Metallurgical Engineer
  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineer
  • Maintenance
  • Project Manager
  • Lab Technician
  • Superintendent
  • Technical Manager
  • Operations Manager

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“I have the pleasure of leading the milling operations at Brushy Creek, producing mineral concentrates for customers. I’m proud of my hardworking team and lucky to live close to work in a secluded forest home, where I occasionally see bears, mountain lions, wild boar, and bald eagles.”

Vanessa Eckhoff

Mill Superintendent, Brushy Creek

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