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Engineering Jobs Make Things Happen!

Engineering is critical to our success. That’s why we hire mine engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineers and electrical engineers, to name a few.

  • Mine engineers and civil engineers supervise critical mining activities and help design and construct capital projects, like water treatment plants and autonomous material movement.
  • Electrical engineers help us improve power controls and systems for greater efficiency.
  • Mechanical engineers help improve equipment reliability and performance.
  • Metallurgical engineers help us innovate to increase mineral recovery or reduce resource consumption.

These are just a few of the many ways our engineers contribute to Doe Run’s long tradition of success. If you are an engineer with a desire to dig in and make things happen, talk to us about current engineering jobs. Chances are we have the right challenge for you.

Our mine engineers, mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineers, maintenance engineers and electrical engineers primarily work at our Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling and Resource Recycling locations. Local or nearby cities include Salem, Viburnum, Steeleville, Cuba, Rolla, Park Hills, Farmington, Caledonia and Bixby, to name a few. And St. Louis is just two hours away.

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How We Work

Innovation is enabled through team work and encouraged by our leaders. It empowers our teams to re‑engineer processes and make continuous improvements that make a difference.

Even our most senior-level mine engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineers and electrical engineers have the opportunity to learn, every day. They become the mentors and experts who are always ready and willing to share their knowledge.

Any job is what you make of it. You’ll be encouraged to innovate, participate and demonstrate leadership throughout your Doe Run engineering career.

Discover What is Possible

Looking for opportunities to be promoted, and to supervise and manage teams directly? You can build your skills at Doe Run. Our engineering jobs provide continuing education support and cross-functional, on-the-job experience by working with our Exploration, Mining and Milling and Resource Recycling teams.

We hire engineers with diverse backgrounds to fill a wide range of engineering jobs that may include:

  • Mine Research Engineers
  • Mine Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Metallurgical Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Engineering Interns

Learn more about our internships, student programs and campus recruiting events.

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Keely Woods

“Doe Run is a great place to grow and learn professionally. I’ve also had the opportunity to give the public a glimpse of where we work every day by taking them on underground tours at the annual Old Miners’ Days celebration in Viburnum.”

Keely Woods

Electrical Engineer – Brushy Creek Mine & Mill

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