Corporate Governance

The Doe Run Resources Corporation, doing business as The Doe Run Company (Doe Run), is ultimately held by the private, New York-based The Renco Group, Inc.

As a global supplier of lead, copper, and zinc concentrates and lead metals and alloys, Doe Run is guided by an eight-member executive team.[1] The team consists of the president and chief executive officer; executive vice president – finance, chief financial officer and treasurer; vice president – law and general counsel; vice president – sales and marketing; vice president – metals and exploration; vice president – environmental health and safety; vice president – human resources; and vice president – mining and milling. The executive team is 75% male and encompasses an age range of 38-63 years. The team is 88% Caucasian and includes one person of Hispanic heritage. Their compensation is determined using market-based data and standard industry practices.

These individuals are responsible for setting the business strategy and organizational structure of Doe Run, as well as the company’s economic, social, and environmental policies, goals and performance. On a regular basis, they review each division’s environmental, health and safety performance, as well as broader economic performance by division and for the company and its subsidiaries.

As a part of our annual profit planning process, the executive team sets company goals and identifies projects, including those that further implement sustainability in the company’s operations. Company projects must align to company goals and have specific metrics. Company projects are reviewed continuously. Many of the projects are reported upon in the Sustainability Report, which is prepared by a team of employees across all divisions, as assigned by the executive team. The full executive team reviews and approves Doe Run’s Sustainability Report. Other executives and senior leaders may review sections pertaining to their areas of responsibility.

In addition, a Sustainability Governance Committee provides recommendations to the executive team related to sustainability matters. The Committee includes executives and senior leader-level employees from across the organization.

Policies, Procedures and Practices

Doe Run’s board of directors expects management to keep pace with best practices in corporate governance. To accomplish this goal, Doe Run utilizes a stringent set of corporate governance policies, procedures and practices to ensure that the business is properly directed, administered and controlled. For example:

  • Doe Run follows rigorous procedures for our internal control systems. These procedures include conscientious design of systems, with a focus on segregation of duties wherever practicable, and proper documentation and annual testing of the operations of these systems. Doe Run also undergoes external audits, including testing of internal controls, by an independent accounting firm, which is required to adhere to Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) as established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Doe Run has written procedures and policies in place to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our financial records and the effectiveness of our internal control systems, particularly in such areas as accounting, purchasing, vendor receipts and customer transactions. In addition, the legal department reviews contracts for legal risks to the business, and our standard vendor setup packet identifies any personal relationships to Doe Run employees that could pose a conflict of interest. The decision to take these steps is consistent with our desire to conduct business ethically and responsibly. Following this control framework also supports our efforts to maintain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications at several operating sites, including the Resource Recycling facility and the Vancouver, Washington-based Fabricated Products Inc. site, which are all certified under the ISO 9001 Quality Management program. This certification verifies that strong, quality procedures are in place. Doe Run’s Sweetwater Mine and Mill, Fletcher Mine and Mill, Brushy Creek Mine and Mill, Buick Mill, Casteel Mine, Mine 29, and Resource Recycling facility hold ISO 14001 certification, which focuses on environmental management. Specifics related to these certifications are included on our website.
  • As a federal sub-contractor, Doe Run adheres to the requirements of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). In doing so, Doe Run develops annual affirmative action plans, which support the principles of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action in all of our vendor agreements, as well as employment policies and practices, including recruiting, hiring, compensation, benefits, transfers, training, promotions, social recreation programs, company-sponsored events, and in other terms and conditions of employment.
  • Doe Run strives to maintain open communication with important audiences both inside and outside the company. As described within the Reporting Practice, Doe Run holds regular meetings with employees and engages in ongoing conversations with external stakeholders. We also periodically survey employees and community stakeholders. Through our corporate office, Doe Run provides our operating sites with guidance and education about community engagement. Sites then implement programs based on the specific needs of local communities. These programs include regular community outreach, facility tours, public meetings and ongoing dialogue with local communities. You can share feedback with the company through any of these forums, or by contacting
  • In addition to providing on-site HR support, we also provide our employees with a mechanism to anonymously share issues or concerns via a hotline system managed by an outside third party. Once an employee makes a report, the third-party firm notifies human resources and legal department leadership. Timely investigations are conducted for all reports made to the hotline. Any necessary communication between the reporter and the company is handled through the third-party system, unless an employee elects otherwise, to resolve issues as discretely as possible.

Those interested in employment can begin learning about the company’s expectations, values and sustainability policy from our website, recruitment ads, new-hire orientation and leadership development programs. In addition, the company’s Standards of Business Conduct and Company Values, Vision, Mission and Business Strategy are reviewed formally during the onboarding process and throughout our leadership development programs. Prior to joining Doe Run, employees receive the Doe Run Employee Handbook and Standards of Business Conduct to review, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Employees are required to sign an acknowledgment that they have received and reviewed these documents. Employees receive updated versions of the Employee Handbook and Standards of Business Conduct as revisions are made, and also can access these documents online.

Our core values are defined by the executive team and reinforced daily in conversations, business processes, as part of employee development, as well as throughout our internal and external communications.

We believe we can enhance the quality of life for our stakeholders through:

  • Safety: Protecting one another.
  • Integrity: Demonstrating transparency and honesty in all we say and do.
  • Collaboration: Working together with employees, and external stakeholders, to realize shared goals.
  • Respect: Recognizing that every employee has a voice and opinion that matters; diversity of experience, thought and ideas is encouraged.
  • Stewardship: Conserving, managing and making the most of the natural resources in our care.
  • Sustainability: Balancing social, environmental and economic considerations with a relentless focus on improving our processes.

To ensure that we stay current on corporate governance and corporate responsibility trends, we maintain memberships in several industry-related trade associations. These associations support and educate members about such issues as community engagement, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Company leaders serve on executive committee and/or hold board positions in many of these organizations.

We believe that corporate governance is an evolving process. We are committed to continuous improvement in setting sustainability targets and in our reporting, so we can continue to operate responsibly and with integrity.

[1] As this 2021 report was being finalized, Doe Run made changes to the executive team by promoting some members and adding others. See the current executive team here.

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