ST. LOUIS (August 27, 2014) – The Doe Run Company’s (Doe Run) Missouri-based mine rescue team recently captured the highest mine rescue honors in the nation. On Aug. 4–7, Doe Run’s Maroon and Gray Teams competed in the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s (MSHA) 2014 Metal/Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Contest. The Maroon Team prevailed against 41 other teams from 18 states in the largest national contest to date, winning the field competition and earning the title of national champions. Doe Run’s Gray Team also participated in the field competition, finishing in sixth place.

“We are proud to have outstanding mine rescue teams to represent Doe Run’s commitment to safety at a national level,” said Steve Batts, general manager at Doe Run’s Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling Division (SEMO). “The safety of our employees is our top priority, and each of us work carefully every day to prepare for the unexpected. Being recognized as national champions in a field of talented mine rescue teams is not only an honor, but also helps support the safety of our employees underground.”

Current members of Doe Run’s Maroon Team include: Captain Steve Setzer, Andrew Hampton, Isaiah Henseler, Jarred Tackett, Richie Brewer, Denny Dickerson, Peter Rothermich, Nathan Setzer, Jake Piatt and Luke Davis. Members of the Gray Team include: Captain Wayne Marlin, Randy Hill, Charlie Walker, James Gamblin, Denny Keene, Chris Brawley, Robby Vetter and Garry Moore.

During the mine rescue field competition, all teams completed a simulated mine emergency that tested how well team members adhered to mine rescue procedures and how quickly they finished specific tasks, including a written exam and successful use of first aid, gas testing and breathing apparatuses.

“Mine rescuers work under extremely high pressure when they are called to respond to a crisis,” said Jason England, manager of mine safety at SEMO. “These competitions simulate that stress. Preparing for and competing in trials allows mine rescue teams to hone their skills, so in the event of a real emergency, the teams are well equipped to work together to manage the situation.”

Doe Run’s mine rescue teams undergo eight hours of rigorous training each month to practice handling mine rescue situations. The regimen increases during competition season, which sharpens skills and brings rescuers together to share best practices. Doe Run’s teams train by simulating emergency response scenarios that are often created by another Doe Run team or team alumni. Team members then collaborate and critique each other, and learn from the expertise and best practices shared by tenured team members. This thorough preparation also earned Doe Run’s Maroon Team a national mine rescue title in 2010, as well as numerous accolades at regional mine rescue competitions over the past several years.

All new mining employees undergo 40 hours of in-depth safety training on MSHA guidelines. In addition, Doe Run has built emergency safety features into the mines, including a number of secondary escape shafts and ventilation holes. The mines, many of which are interconnected by miles of underground roadways, have also established a number of underground designated points of safety. These safe areas contain breathing air, drinking water, first-aid supplies and phones.

Because of Doe Run’s commitment to safe mining practices, the company’s six underground lead mines, located in Missouri’s Viburnum Trend, have earned the National Mining Association’s prestigious Sentinels of Safety Award 27 times since 1971. Last October marked the first time Doe Run received two Sentinels of Safety awards in a single year, recognizing outstanding safety performance at Buick Mine in the Large Underground Metal Mine category, and the #29 Mine in the Small Underground Metal Mine category.

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