ST. LOUIS (Sept. 22, 2020) – Building partnerships between businesses and universities is critical to ensuring that students learn essential skills to support the future of Missouri industry. As part of its commitment to educating the future workforce, The Doe Run Company (Doe Run) donated a highly specialized spectrometer to Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), giving geology, mining and metallurgical engineering students additional hands-on training in their field.

“At Missouri S&T, students receive exceptional hands-on experiential learning and conduct world-class research in areas such as sustainable metal recovery from domestic sources and improving batteries for storing green energy,” said Dr. Michael Moats, professor of metallurgical engineering at Missouri S&T. “Having access to leading-edge testing and characterization equipment allows our students to transition seamlessly into the workplace with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed.”

The new spectrometer enables students to measure the spatial distribution of elements within powders, thin films, composites and bulk alloys. These skills are vital for companies like Doe Run, where geologists and metallurgists must closely analyze the mineral makeup of ore rock, concentrates and metals to ensure efficient separations and recoveries of lead, copper and zinc minerals, and recycled lead.

“As one of the major employers in this region, we have a vested interest in the local colleges and universities that educate our future employees,” said Jerry Pyatt, president and CEO at Doe Run. “By giving students access to advanced technologies during their education, they are better prepared to join the workforce.”

Doe Run has a long history of supporting Missouri S&T, which is home to one of only 13 accredited mining engineering programs and one of eight metallurgical engineering programs in the U.S. Since 2013, Doe Run has donated nearly $213,000 to Missouri S&T to prepare the next generation of miners and metallurgists by providing technical equipment and upgrading laboratories. Doe Run also provides scholarship opportunities for the university’s Summer Explosives Camp and frequently hosts interns from Missouri S&T. In addition, Doe Run’s employees share industry perspective to shape the university’s academic programs as part of the Mines and Metallurgical Academy.

At the university’s Advanced Materials Characterization Lab, Jecee Jarman, a doctorate student in ceramic welding, uses the dispersive x-ray spectrometer to review the elemental mapping of metal and high-temperature ceramics.

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