The lead battery industry has launched U.S. and European campaigns to inform key regulators and policymakers about the critical role lead batteries play in our society. Essential Energy Everyday strives to increase awareness of the critical importance of lead batteries in our daily lives.

Two global trade associations, Battery Council International (BCI) and the International Lead Association (ILA), support the campaign. Both trade associations are committed to advancing innovations that support the integral role that lead batteries play in powering our everyday lives. In September 2017, BCI launched “Advancing Lead Batteries Communication Initiative” in North America. Throughout 2018, the ILA will implement its counterpart campaign in Europe. Learn more about the campaign launch here.

The Doe Run Company is a member of the ILA and BCI. In the U.S., lead batteries are the most recycled consumer product with a recycle rate of 99 percent. Doe Run recycles approximately 13.5 million lead batteries a year, processing lead metal and other battery components for future reuse.