ST. LOUIS (Nov. 19, 2014) – The Doe Run Company (Doe Run) released its latest sustainability report entitled Stewardship Integrity Commitment, which documents company priorities and challenges as Doe Run works to balance its environmental stewardship, social and economic responsibilities.

“Doe Run is a key contributor to the economic health of 22 counties in southeast Missouri,” said Jerry Pyatt, Doe Run president and CEO. “The company provides jobs and resources that society needs in an environmentally sound and economically sustainable manner. This report identifies our highlights and challenges of 2013.”

In 2013, the company closed the last remaining primary lead smelter in the U.S. “Making good on commitments to operate within environmental standards means the U.S. now imports primary lead from other countries,” Pyatt elaborated. “Although metal processing technology continues to improve, we are not aware of any existing smelting technology that will enable a primary smelter to operate in the U.S. So, today, the ore we mine in Missouri travels to Europe or Asia to be turned into metal.”

Within the report, Doe Run discusses its plans to repurpose the former smelter site, including efforts to create a major trans-modal shipping hub on the 450-acre site. Other report highlights include:

  • $75 million on environmental spending including $6 million in remediation of historical sites and a total of $143 million over three years
  • $15 million in capital spending
  • $205 million spent with Missouri vendors
  • 1 billion dollars in economic impact to Missouri
  • National safety awards for four of Doe Run’s six mines

“We operate in a new capital intensive industry,” Aaron Miller COO stated. “Our growth depends on exploration and the development of mines that may take years to start producing. The ratio of environmental spending versus capital spending is a balancing act.”

“We encourage feedback from our community members and other stakeholders on our sustainability reporting,” said Tammy Stankey, Doe Run senior communications liaison and project manager for the report. “Feedback helps us measure whether or not our reports are providing the information people need so our report website offers a link to a brief reader survey. We’d appreciate your feedback to help us continue to improve our reports.” 

About The Doe Run Company

Based in St. Louis, The Doe Run Company is a privately held natural resources company and the largest integrated lead producer in the Western Hemisphere. Dedicated to environmentally responsible mineral and metal production, Doe Run operates one of the world’s largest, single-site lead recycling facilities located in Boss, Missouri. The Doe Run Company and its subsidiaries deliver products and services necessary to provide power, protection and convenience. Doe Run has operations in Missouri, Washington and Arizona. For more information, visit or