ST. LOUIS (Aug. 10, 2022) – The Doe Run Company (Doe Run) is pleased to share another successful summer with a near record-breaking number of interns.

This summer, 29 college-level students are receiving hands-on experience working alongside our talented employees as part of The Doe Run Company’s internship program. The opportunity to learn outside the classroom and apply concepts is a great way for these young minds to prepare for their future careers in mining, engineering and geology.  

This year’s intern class includes students from 15 colleges and universities in 10 states, including 16 students from Missouri schools. Internships are offered at Doe Run’s Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling Division, Exploration Department, Research and Technical Development Center, the Metals Division, and corporate office. 

“The experience our interns receive outside the classroom is immeasurable. They learn day-to- day operations from some of the best in the mining business, including employees who were interns before they began working full time for Doe Run,” said Jan Lott, vice president – human resources at Doe Run. “We love seeing the growth and interaction between students and our team. It allows for new ideas and innovation in the mining and metals business.”

The majority of the interns are working in Doe Run’s Exploration Department, where they will help analyze and digitize historical drilling data.

The following students are supporting the department:

  • Ben Adcock – Environmental Engineering student, University of Missouri, Kansas City
  • Ahmed Al Rahbi – Geology student, Western Michigan
  • Domenicca Guillen – Geology student, Michigan Technological University
  • Sam Hardy – Mining Engineering student, Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T)
  • Desirae Jenkerson – Business student, Mineral Area College
  • Caleb Johnson – Geology student, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Jake Jones – Business student, Mineral Area College
  • Micah Kearns – Geology student, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
  • Chris Manie – Geology student, University of Missouri–Columbia
  • Bradley Marshall – Engineering student, Missouri S&T
  • Patrick Marshall – Geology and Geophysics Engineering student, Missouri S&T
  • Ipsita Mitra – Geology student, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Olanrewaju Muili – Geology student, Georgia State University
  • Mikaela Ritchie – Chemical Engineering student, Missouri S&T
  • Cheyanne Rodriguez – Geology student, West Texas A&M
  • Caroline Searcy – Geology student, Clemson University
  • Brandon Sullivan – Geology student, Missouri S&T
  • Courtney Triest – Geology student, Kutztown University
  • Madison Wieberg – Environmental Engineering student, Missouri S&T

Several interns are at Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling Division, including:

  • Alex (Vashti) Allred – Engineering student, University of Arizona
  • Kyleigh Hines – Environmental Engineering student, Missouri S&T
  • Katherine Johnson – Mining Engineering student, Missouri S&T
  • Nathan Mehrer – Environmental Engineering student, Missouri S&T
  • Cody Mofield – Geology student, Tennessee Tech
  • Joshua Robinson, Metallurgical Engineering student, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
  • Brett Scott – Mining Engineering student, Missouri S&T

At the Metals Division facility:

  • Leonie Diagne – Engineering student, Texas A&M
  • William Hale – Metallurgical Engineering student, Missouri S&T

And at Doe Run’s corporate office:

  • Lauren Montgomery – Social Work student, University of Missouri–Columbia

Mining is a thriving Missouri industry. The mining sector is expected to grow to 671,300 jobs by 2030, a 17% increase compared with 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you or someone you know is currently a student interested in an internship with The Doe Run Company, please visit    

About The Doe Run Company
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, The Doe Run Company is a privately held natural resources company and a global provider of lead, copper and zinc concentrates. Dedicated to environmentally responsible mineral and metal production, Doe Run operates one of the world’s largest, single-site lead recycling centers, located in Boss, Missouri, and mines from one of the world’s largest lead mining districts, also in Missouri. The Doe Run Company and its subsidiaries deliver products and services necessary to provide power, protection and convenience. Doe Run has operations in Missouri, Washington and Arizona. For more information, visit