The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI), of which The Doe Run Company is a member, has launched CBI Battery Match. This new matchmaking service is designed to help electricity providers and other energy storage projects find the right lead battery option.

Similar to human dating apps, users include information about their expectations and requirements for a battery system. Using an intelligent algorithm based on battery industry expertise, the tool identifies a range of battery solutions best suited to their needs.

“We’re aiming to bridge the gap between utilities, renewable energy providers and battery manufacturers by demonstrating the wide range of reliable, high-performance advanced lead batteries available,” said Dr. Alistair Davidson, director of CBI.

The current market for all energy storage batteries is expected to more than double by 2030. Most of that growth will come from hybridized lithium vehicles – nearly all of which use lead batteries for critical systems. Advanced lead batteries are poised to capture a portion of this market growth in several key areas, including start-stop electric vehicles for transportation purposes, and material handling vehicles. Learn more about CBI Battery Match in the full news release and overview video.